Erkki Huhtamo先生の講義に対する感想から。

"Thank you for your presentation.
I cannot listenning English well.
But your presentation serve many pictures and movies ,so I can get
your opinion roughly.
I continue study natural science ,but I start think how to export it.
So I used your presentation as a reference.
Please come to TITech again.
Thank you."

" I think Mr Huhtamoto is wonderful professor,I appreciate his lecture
so much,he makes me know if you want to be a scientist you must dare
to think and dare to try.these tow points is so important us.
 He told us the process that how the media art develops in several
hundred and now,the Canadian scientist surprises me so much.His invent
is so amazed and
incredible.and give us many examples what ancient invent like and made
me admire them so much.Mr Huhtamoto  said  he let his students write
five ideas when they get up in them morning.And find one or two good
ones to make them get true,I appreciate his education ways so much and
I think if keep doing like he says,one must be a great media artist in
the future.He is a so magnificent instructor.
 Even through I am not good at English and I did not understand his
lecture so much but I think it is a so wonderful lecture and help me
so much."

"First of all,the point that I am deeply moved most in Professor
Erkki's presentation is a gesture while presenting it.
He laughed together in the laughed place,expressed the content by
using the gesture person outline and included feelings to present his
presentation attractively.
About the content,I had a lot of things that did not understand
because I was not good at English but There were impressive many
stories for me.
I was going to practice ""35 ideas a week arise if five ideas are hit
on every morning.""
Thank you for the lecture. "

"My perspective changed  after having attended that lecture.
The effort that aim to amuse people is given to a lot of exhibit and toys.
I noticed in my surroundings, there were a lot of things that try to amuse me ."

"As I am interested in both art and technology, your lecture was very
exciting and inspiring.
I got to think strongly that studying history is important and the
knowledge can be hints for new ideas. And also,without knowledge of
history, I cannot tell new things from the old.
What I should do now is studyng history of media art
 and doing something.
(and studying English,too.)
So I'm now trying to write or draw ideas in the morning. (although
these ideas are not good or some of these are even  hard to recognize
as ideas.)
I want to make some interesting things in the future , so I continue
to study and think and do what I think is interesting. I thinker.
Your lecture made me think more. Thank you."