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We have some projects to use WiiRemote (Nintendo's revolutional game controller) on you PC.

Book "WiiRemote Programming"
(You can get it on Amazon.)

Support groups:

[Academic articles]
-WiiMedia: motion analysis methods and applications using a consumer video game controller (Download)
 Awarded at Sandbox'08 An ACM video game symposium.

-Head tracking system "Sound Quest" by Alexis ZERROUG

SoundQuest ver.1

-Sward Action Game "JaWii's Virtual Fencing"

WiiMedia:Sword Fighting "JaWii's Virtual Fencing"

-Papier poupee painter

Related Links
-Kosaka Laboratory WiiRemote Tips
 Co-author of this book. Innovator of "La Fleche de l'odeur / Back to the Mouth"

[Workshop and other educational activities]

SIGGRAPH ASIA 2009 Educators Talk