SIGGRAPH 2015にて3件の発表を行います




ロサンゼルスにて開催される世界最大のCG・インタラクティブ技術の国際会議「ACM SIGGRAPH」ですが、

[Birds of a Feather] International Collegiate Virtual Reality Contest


Sunday, 9 August, 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm, Los Angeles Convention Center, ACM SIGGRAPH Theater, South Lobby
The International Collegiate Virtual Reality Contest is an academic virtual reality event that began in 1993. This session shares the latest IVRC activities in Japan and Laval Virtual.

International collegiate Virtual Reality Contest

[program candidate]


– VibroSkate: A Locomotion Interface with the Exact Haptics and Kinesthesia

Daiki Sato, Hasegawa Lab, TITECH

– CHILDHOOD; Augmented Child Experience based on Embodiment Transformation

Jun Nishida, Hikaru Takatori, and Kosuke Sato, Univ Tsukuba

– Laval Virtual

– Photo session

Detail about submission:

[CG in ASIA] CG in Asia

Monday 10, August, 3:30 – 5 pm, ACM SIGGRAPH Theater, International Resource Center ( Los Angeles Convention Center, South Lobby )

This overview of the state of CG in Asia includes various presentations in pioneering technology and the xroads to discovery in: entertainment systems beyond 3D, CG production in TV commercials, fine-art adaptations for digital media, and more. This group consists of international professionals and academics in Asia. The session concludes with a special presentation of the Illimitable Space System (ISS) and a chance for attendees to try out a new technology: Engaging Traditional Artists With HCI Innovations on Stage and in Performance.
Contact: June Kim and SuYin Wong

3:30-3:45pm: Akihiko Shirai “ExPixel: Multiplex hidden imagery, research in entertainment beyond 3D”

3:45-4:00pm: Lee Yong Tsui “Seeing 3D from 2D using spare data”

4:00-4:15pm: Hans-Martin Rall “Adapting Southeast Asian art forms for digital animation”

4:15-4:30pm: Shuzo John Shiota “Computer Graphics Taking Stage in Anime”

4:30-4:40: Hongbo Fu “Sneak Peek of SIGGRAPH Asia 2016”

4:40-5:00pm: Miao and Serguey “Video-projection project”

This is a perfect opportunity for attendees to get to know what is going on in our region, talk with old colleagues, and meet new ones. It is also an opportunity to share works with a new audience, since our area is centrally located and open to every visitor at SIGGRAPH. The presentations are of informal nature and are scheduled to be about 10 minutes long. In this way, everybody can have the opportunity to show what they do and love, while giving visibility to their work at an international level.

[Posters: Research] ExPixel FPGA: Multiplex Hidden Imagery for HDMI Video Sources


part from manuscript

Poster Session: 12 August, 12:15 pm
Prototype hardware based on FPGA that combines the inputs of two HDMI sources in real time into multiplex hidden imagery. The system works in any kind of HDMI and can be operated with ease from the user side.

Hisataka Suzuki (Kanagawa Institute of Technology), Rex Hsieh (Carnegie Mellon University),
Ryotaro Tsuda (Kanagawa Institute of Technology), Akihiko Shirai (Kanagawa Institute of Technology)



そのほか、SIGGRAPH ASIA 2015神戸において「若手プログラムリエゾン」というお役目をいただいている関係上、公式のSIGGRAPH SCOOPSチームとともに、各主要展示を取材して回る予定です。